Trailer Trashed Book Reception

Grant Henry is Trashed at the Hollis Gillespie Book PremiereHollis, I am so sorry…. I didn’t buy a copy of your book “Trailer Trashed” this past Tuesday at your big premiere at Paris on Ponce. When I texted you earlier in the day to ask if you needed help at the event I never believed that you’d actually need it, but I was only too glad to help out. Now you need to know that by the time I got there, Shane and Grant and Lary and your other friends had already dressed the outside of the building and organized the inside… I mean, it seemed like everything was practically done already. But, at some point I realized that I wasn’t dressed thematically enough for the occasion… I mean!! I was wearing a PiratePaloozaâ„¢ T-shirt and jeans; arguably an appropriate trailer park outfit, but not as instantly recognizable as the mechanic shirts and wifebeat Continue reading Trailer Trashed Book Reception