When I Was Spider-Man

Spins a Web, Any SizeThere are those who might believe that my cinematic history with Batman prevents me from the hero worship of any other crimefighter, and for a time those people would’ve been absolutely correct. But as the statute of limitations on my NDA with Wayne Industries has reached its maturation date, I feel that it’s safe for me to step out of the shadows to tell you about a time when I was the real Spider-Man. It’s the classic tale of an awkward young man gifted with supernatural powers. A battle between Good and Evil. The uplifting story of an underdog. A comedy, tonight.
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Spider-Man 2

[rate 4.5]
Yes, it’s after 3am and I’m posting a film review….
I decided to go see this second episode in the wallcrawler series at the last minute and was fortunate enough to tag along with some friends who had a larger group meeting them at the theater. To kill the time during the pre-show they had brought along a travel version of Scrabble. Ingenious.
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