Parker’s Wizard

Mmmm, Kirstie Alley
This evening I caught the video of actress Kirstie Alley strutting her stuff in bra and panties to show off her “new body” to Oprah, God and Everybody. Nice job Kirstie, you’re elbowing your way back onto my list of sexy actresses. All this celebratory hooplah has nearly made me lose the remaining guilt that I harbor over my part in your breakup from Parker. What? Didn’t I ever tell you guys that story? Continue reading Parker’s Wizard

Ending The Cycle

I have just closed the final page on the most compelling 3,000 page series it has ever been my good fortune to read. I feel happy, confused, disappointed and lost; for me, Neal Stephenson’s series ‘The Baroque Cycle’ is at an end. For the past few months I have lived with one of the three encyclopedic volumes of that author’s cycle clutched to my side, graduating from Quicksilver to Confusion to The System of the World.
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Dumb luck is the best kind. The only reason that I pulled Neal Stephenson’s book Cryptonomicon off the shelf was that I had kneeled to look at something on the next shelf over and didn’t want to stand back up without a book in my hand. Besides having a long and imposing title the paperback is as thick as a brick, which is a great thing when I can plow through a normal paperback in a week’s worth of lunch hours. This book looked to be an Everlasting Gobstopper of modern literature.
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