My Heart Will Go Metallica

I’m a huge Tongo Hiti nerd and can’t wait to stop typing this entry and drive down to the Atlanta Trader Vic’s to see them perform live and in person…. the video posted here is from last Thursday night and it’s *amazing*….. I’ve personally watched this thing 40 times and I’m sure I’ll watch it 40 more…. totally mesmerizing…. your journey begins with the powerful beauty of Celine Dion and ends in dark majesty. Sit back and enjoy Tongo Hiti at the Atlanta Trader Vic’s as they weave the most magical performance ever seen on YouTube at this particular time of the day (or night)….

Steppin’ Out with Tongo Hiti

Last Thursday I met up with some people at Trader Vic’s for Mai Tai Thursday and a dosh of the ultra-hawaiian courtesy of Tongo Hiti. This time around I shot a bunch of great videos, including this mellow island version of Joe Jackson’s hit “Steppin’ Out”. Enjoy!

Emergency Summer Vacation

Now that film productions have returned to Georgia in droves I’m hearing from a lot of crewfolk who are getting burned out from all the work they suddenly have! They say that they need a vacation but can’t afford to take a couple of weeks off for a real trip to the islands.

Next best thing? You guessed it.
Trader Vic’s, this coming Saturday night (June 24th) from 7pm-Midnight
Dress for the beach, stay for the rum.

Trader Vic’s is in the basement of the Atlanta Hilton. Parking is underneath the hotel, the garage entrance is off of Piedmont. Parking tickets validated with purchase from the bar/restaurant.

Visit the Official Website for the Atlanta Trader Vic’s


Pirate Palooza 2006 Tiki Party
Hey, I just learned this weekend that the nuts over at have announced their first “PIRATIKI” for March 11th. From what I can gather from Cap’n Drew’s posts PIRATIKI is an excuse to get together with some of the pirate horde from last year’s wildly successful 1st annual PiratePalooza. I suspect that this will be a very busy year for pirates…