Tornado Damage to GWCC!

On our way to the hockey game on Tuesday evening we passed by the Georgia World Congress Center, which was hammered by the tornado that plowed through downtown back in March. Looking like the sort of modern architecture rarely executed in Atlanta, this video shows how the west wall of the building is virtually sheathed in a layer of plywood. Counting the filled-in panes it looks like there could easily be more than 500 pieces of glass to be replaced on just the west side of this, Atlanta’s largest convention center. Near the end of the video you can see some of the damage to the towers downtown. Amazing!

Update: For those who might be worried, I was a backseat passenger when I shot this video.

The New Switchers

I’ve been a Mac fanboy since my college days in the late 1980’s, back when but a few of those gloriously graphical machines were sprinkled in labs around Georgia Tech. Many were the days that I circled the unobtainable Macintosh IIFX at Tech’s computer store, a machine unimaginable potential (40 megahertz processor!!). Of course I couldn’t afford a $12,000 computer then (or now!), but I did eventually join that miniscule minority of Mac users, none of whom would have guessed that ten years down the road we’d be entering into a “post-Platform”, Web 2.0 era, or that Windows users would eagerly become “Switchers”, migrating to the Macintosh because of their experience with a little thing called the iPod. But then, you already know that story. What you may not know is that there’s a new kind of Switcher on the scene: the Resista-Switcher. Continue reading The New Switchers