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Hi there!

If you were working in Atlanta’s film/TV/commercial market in 2008 or earlier, we would like for you to RSVP for an event we’re planning in June.


My friend Day Permuy (who many of you know as a producer here in town) has volunteered her time and talents to help plan a bigger, better “family reunion” for our veterans, and we now have a date:


  • Please save this date on your calendar.
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In order to provide a great reunion experience, attendance must be limited to those who were working in the industry in 2008 or earlier. Thank you for your understanding.


Yes, you can bring your date (the beer and food may just go quicker LOL)


In order to accommodate our crowd it is important that we have an accurate attendance estimate. We would greatly appreciate it if everyone could RSVP by May 15th.

We are very excited and will have more to tell you soon!

Thank you,

Drew Duncan & Day Permuy


Back in 2018 I organized a meetup to get some of my old friends from the TV/film and commercial market together for a quick reunion. It was so nice to see so many familiar faces, and it was over all too quickly. The thing that stood out to me (thanks to Jerry Pece) were all the attendees who had been working since the late-70s and early-80s.

A lot of Atlanta industry veterans were left out of that first gathering simply because it was put together so quickly that the word just didn’t get out in time.

I began planning a follow-up event but things got in the way and here we are 5 years later.