Pink and Green and Bruised All Over

About a month or two ago I was talking to Paul Huggins and he mentioned that I should come over to play paintball with the gang at Scenario. The very first time I went I just hid inside the building and watched. The next time I went I brought along a video camera and shot some footage, then put the camera away and played with a borrowed paintball gun.

Here are some important things you should know about backlot paintball:

  • A game doesn’t last long.
  • Wear something padded. Perhaps a bathysphere?
  • Paintballs travel around 300 miles an hour.
  • Paintballs hurt when they hit you.
  • You will eventually be hit by a paintball.
  • The better the bruise the cooler you are to the other players.
  • You’d better wear a cup.

It’s pretty darned fun, and with the proper equipment it could become a regular hobby. The guys have set up a terrific playing field, full of obstacles made out of leftover set elements from movies & commercials. The number one thing on my list would be to make a nicely padded suit.

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