Academy Awards 2004

If you watched the presentation of the Oscars at the 2004 Academy Awards then you probably saw Billy Crystal’s now-famous lead-in movie where it appears that he is actually in the movies from 2003. What you might not know is that they were put together by Troy Miller’s company Dakota Films, some of the same bunch that shot “Dumb & Dumberer”, “Run Ronnie Run” and “Doctor Hoestetler’s Marvelous Singing Shoe” here in Atlanta.

While the singing shoe movie was the only one of the three to actually provide T.Miller with any notoriety, it seems that his pre-Oscar movies are starting to get people’s attention (in a good way). Educational computer manufacturer Apple Computer has posted an online article about the making-of these pre-show movies on their website (click here to read about it).

Kudos to the gang who put that movie together, it looked great and there were a billion people watching it. Pretty darned impressive work if you can get it.

Hats off.
Singing shoes too.

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