Amazing Race 7 Finale

It was with a glad heart that I watched the husband and wife team of Uchenna and Joyce be the first team to step onto the mat at the final pitstop in the finale of the seventh season of CBS’ award-winning series ‘The Amazing Race’. I’ve been an enormous fan of the show since the second episode of Season One and (sadly) have the stacks of VHS tapes and DVDs to prove it. While not the best season yet, this one certainly had character; namely Survivor celeb ‘Boston’ Rob and his millionaire girlfriend Amber, whose celebrity seems universal. I secretly cheered for Rob and Amber every time they displayed their unique brand of cocky ruthlessness but by the time it was down to three teams I’d decided that the Survivors had already won once and I couldn’t seem to get behind Gomer and the Bitchy Beauty Queen. Uchenna and Joyce were one of the Good Guys on the field of play and after watching Joyce allow her head to be shaved bare back in India it was never a question that I’d cheer for them. It’s nice to know that the good guys can still win.

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