Podcasting and Site Updates

In case you hadn’t noticed, I began running Podcasts in late April and am still very green at the world of audio and am not really all that excited about how I sound on-air, but I’m working on that.

Meanwhile, Steve Ocean, out in Hawaii, battled his way through my contact page gauntlet to ask me about the software that I use with my Zoom PS-04 Pocket Studio since he’d recently purchased a PS-04 of his own. The software that Steve was trying to locate can be found at the Official Japanese Zoom website.

I’d like to note that I actually sent my Zoom back to Sweetwater Sound and traded up to the Marantz PMD660 which records straight to MP3 format and has inputs for XLR microphones, which I will learn to use one day with the help of some of my sound department friends. If you decide to contact Sweetwater Sound be sure to ask for Charlie Livingston. Tell him that Drewprops from Atlanta sent you and he’ll send you some candy with your order. If you’re polite.

If you’re interested in doing this for yourself I recommend that you investigate Audacity, a FREE, cross-platform audio editor. I’ve started using it to produce the sound on my interviews and anticipate that they’ll sound better and better.

Also note that the default site skin has been changed to something a tad more colorful. Hope that I have time to develop a few more advanced skins.

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