Tag Spotting

Film-GA Tag
This past Friday I was riding back from lunch in my friend Floyd’s Explorer, discussing how much we wanted the day to be over so that we could head off to enjoy a three day weekend. While we were sitting at a stoplight I happened to glance at the car in front of us and my jaw dropped when I saw one of my Film-GA license tags sitting on the little shelf inside its rear windscreen. I had no idea who that was in the car in front of me, which was really weird and really cool at the same time.

Fishing for my cellphone, I switched on the camera and squeezed off a shot. Immediately, a cheery little window popped up and informed me that my memory was full and would I like another slice of pie? That’s the moment in which I nearly skipped that piece of crap phone off the roof of a nearby cab and into Piedmont Park.

The light changed and Floyd went into high-speed pursuit mode while I navigated through fifteen obtuse windows to erase an old photo in order to make room for this in-the-field spotting of one of my license tags. Isn’t this supposed to be the 21st Century? Why does my camera phone have less onboard memory than my Atari 800XL? Why, Sony-Ericsson? WHY???

Finally armed for a single photo, I look up to see that the car we’re chasing is in another lane and I’ve only got once chance to snap a half-assed picture, which I bring before you today. Please note that I have added an arrow to point to the license plate since there’s no way you can read it from the craptacular quality provided by my phonecam.

The best part about this entire incident (besides seeing that the Film-GA tags are catching on) is that it has prompted me to purchase a small camera that I can wear on my hip for situations just like this~

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