Making of The Lady From Sockholm

lynn lamousin Last week I had the distinct pleasure of meeting with local Atlanta filmmaker Lynn Lamousin to discuss her recent project “The Lady from Sockholm”, which is set to make its World Premiere this month at the 2005 Atlanta Film Festival. Plan to be in your seats by 5pm at the Rialto Center for the Performing Arts on Sunday, June 12th for a movie that’s sure to put you in stitches.

Lynn Lamousin is a writer, a designer and an enormous fan of cinema. I first met her last year as I turned in my own screenplay “Love and the Dragon” as a submission for the 2004 Southeastern Media Award. A month or so later I learned that Lynn and I were among the five finalists for that prize. I got to know her a bit more during the week of that festival, slipping off with her to catch a dorky movie about people obsessed with playing Scrabble. Lynn went on to win the Southeastern that year, the second screenplay award she’d won since ‘Sockholm’ won the Screenplay Competition Award of Excellence at Slamdance.

The interview:

It’s inspirational to see filmmakers who put their heads down, move ahead and MAKE something instead of just sitting around talking about it. Anyone who knows Lynn knows that she is a huge supporter of Atlanta’s independent film community, especially the not-for-profit organization IMAGE. I expect for Lynn to have a TREMENDOUS turnout at the Atlanta Film Festival and hope that you will join me in support of ‘The Lady from Sockholm’.

CORRECTIONS: While we were doing this interview Lynn’s cats were tussling around the foot of her comfy couch and even though I do have a mesmerizing presence, Lynn nonetheless became distracted by the caterwauling and mistakenly referred to Assistant Puppet Builder Carol Daniel by an incorrect last name. Sorry about that Carol! And my apologies go out to the Co-Directors of the film, Eddy Von Mueller and Evan Lieberman – I’m still learning this machine and did not mean to cut the section of the interview where Lynn acknowledged your hard work and talent. Good job on the film guys!

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