Little Lost Traveler

I dropped by a standalone ice cream shop called Bruster’s over in Morrow this afternoon, ostensibly to grab myself a chocolate shake. While I was waiting for them to make it I spotted a lizard-like orange foot around the corner from the ordering window. Peering around that corner I saw a pigeon standing patiently on the curb like he was waiting on a bus. He looked over at me nonchalantly like a Disney character might do. Then I spotted the tag on his ankle….

Not one to interfere with wildlife at ice cream stands, I didn’t attempt to wrestle the little guy into my car. I did however grab a couple of snapshot in the off-chance that someone who knows something about patient pigeons might report my sighting to the proper authorities.

Note the the band on his leg. It has the number “4” in view and the designation AU (Augusta?) and GA (Georgia?). As I drove away from the stand I intentionally went right past the little guy in my car, slowing down to take a look at him. His patient demeanor never changed. I’m wondering if he’s still there…. I might need to nip over there tomorrow morning and check on the little guy.

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