Operation Cardboard Underwear Success!

Tally's Cardboard Bikini
I’m happy to report that Operation Cardboard Underwear has been a complete and utter success, though I’m reticent to reveal all of the details to the general public. Let’s just say that if you plan on making wearable ladies undergarments out of FedEx boxes, packing them into a box covered with garish labels screaming “Erotica” and sending them all the way across the country via 1st Class Mail you should be prepared for it to take 2 WEEKS and for the package to be opened and searched by trained postal inspectors, which is totally fair…. so no hard feelings to the postal inspectors and other security agents who’ve been assigned the task of watching me. I knew something was wrong when I received the green Return Receipt with just a scribble on the signature line. If I knew how to get in touch with you I might send YOU guys some custom cardboard gear of your own… perhaps a cool Drewprops baseball cap or a nice faux eelskin cardboard belt. As it is, I’d just like to say THANKS for putting the package back into play– I’m told that it made quite a hit at the LA office today. Now they’ll ALL be wanting one.

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