Webdesign Club

You are not your Technorati ranking.
You are not your Flickr Account.
You are not your Podcast.
You are not your Last-FM playlist.
You are not your Valid XHTML.
You are not your Site Traffic.
You are not an entire range of web things.

Then why am I so obsessed with learning to make websites like Jon Hicks, Veerle Pieters, Dan Cederholm and a handful of other really talented web design bloggers?

I mean, I don’t even make websites for a living. Well, not really.

“Get a life”, I tell myself.
“Go outside”, I tell myself.
“Hug a tree”, I tell myself.
“Kiss some girls”, I tell myelf.

What is this obsession with wanting to make my website as cool as those people’s websites? Perhaps it’s the designer gene at play but it’s far, far more likely to be diagnosed as the inflated ego gene. The websites I listed above are some of my favorites but they’re run by the designers who create sites for a living, people who are learning their tricks while getting paid at the same time.

I’m not getting paid for this thing and it’s time that I started enjoying it as an outlet and not an occupation.

Of course that doesn’t mean that I can’t completely re-do PiratePalooza.com now does it matey?

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