I went with my sports-obsessed friend Ronny to the arena football game this afternoon. In the 2nd quarter we headed over to the food court and I ordered up a hamburger and a soda. I was shooting the shit with a guy at the counter about how much I like the new orange ten dollar bills. He had a weird grin on his face and said something about them being the color they should’ve been all along, which sounded kind of weird but like all checkout banter I just laughed and waited for my food. As I turned to walk away the guy said “see ya next time, Bossman”. Yep, that’s me: Bossman. It’s what all my slaves call me. I insist upon it. Thanks a million for the racist checkout guys at the hamburger grill Philips Arena. Really adds zest to the experience. You can bet that I really enjoyed that sandwich. Really.

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