Cirque Lite

I took my Mom to see an extended performance of the Cirque du Soleil show ‘Delirium‘ earlier tonight, making good on my promise to take her to see Cirque shows whenever they’re in town. We also got to see (and smell) a man having a section-clearing barf and ran into the TV show ‘Vanished’, which happened to be shooting down near Philips and the Georgia Dome overnight. The Cirque show?

It was good, better than I expected actually. Sure it was “Cirque Lite” but the performers seemed to be having a fun time and the music was great. It was fun sitting up close but for this particular setup I could have payed less and had a better view of the entire stage, maybe even missed out on the barfing man. One thing that sucked was the lack of “quality control” that you normally have at an event completely managed by Cirque du Soleil… in that situation you’re only there to see the show, there’s no constant stream of people going back and forth down your aisle to the hotdog stand. When a troupe of pot-bellied 9-year old girls armed with pizza boxes marched up to their seats on the front row I felt like I was at a tractor pull.

Afterward, on the way back to the car, we ran into a buxom pig-tailed girl named Kelli Franklin who was doing lockup for a show named “Vanished” that’s in town for 3 days. Kelli and I worked together on ‘Sweet Home’ and she was briefly on ‘Dumb and Dumberer’. Since then she’s been working between Georgia and California. I’d have probably crashed set (if they’d let me) to sell some Film-GA tags, but I had to get my Mom home.

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