We Are Interns

We Are Interns
Just before I left set to head home Alice Nisbet asked me something along the lines of “Are you going to mention this on your site?” to which I mumbled something kind of “no”-like. Of course on the way home, about four hours shy of being up for 24 hours straight I realized that of course I’d mention this on the site so, like, there’s a new LowTide on the website!

Of course Alice was making fun of how I put everything on my website, but what the heck.

It was especially created for the crew of a movie that I’ve been calling “We Are Interns” and you can download it now by clicking here. You may also find it permanently available in the downloads section of this website. It’s a PDF document about 1.6MB in size and it’s the first LowTide I’ve made in over two years.

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