Cotton Panties

Yes, and her legs went on for ever.
Like staring up at infinity
through a wisp of cotton panty
along a skin of satin sea.
Hot night in Budapest.

Ian Anderson Rocks.

Ten extremely strong minutes he, a hot violinist chick in a short black dress and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra spent jamming out to “One Night In Budapest”, a most unexpected and extremely appreciated rendition of a song from the 1987 album “Crest of a Knave”.

I bought a ticket to the concert with less than a week to go and since I wasn’t taking anyone with me I scored an awesome spot in the box section at Chastain Park, close enough to see the champagne corks fly from the tables on the floor.

Interestingly, this concert was a part of the “Classic Chastain” series so a lot of Anderson’s old Jethro Tull songs were sheathed in old-fangled stylings of decomposing composers, which wasn’t nearly as boring as it sounds in print. The first standing ovation of the night came when the violinist cranked out a passionate version of Led Zepplin’s famous rock masterpiece “Kashmir”… gripping stuff when played by a sultry girl whose features were vaguely asian, possibly Turkish, definitely stage-blurry. But hot.

The folks behind me were Indian and complete and utter fans of Jethro Tull, singing along with the more popular albums much to the distress of the couple sitting in front of me, though there were plenty of people singing along, no need to single them out.

I was initially surprised at how happy I felt when Ian and the band began playing “Hot Night in Budapest”, but as the song went on and on and got bigger and bigger and jammier and jammier I knew that I was happy because it was one of the best songs that Anderson’s band ever did outside their heyday.

When’s the last time you saw a real concert?
If the answer involves the word “years” then it’s been too long. Trust somebody who’s finding that out right now~

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