Let the Sun Soak Through

Here’s a wonderful short film shot and edited by our pal and sci-fi fan/collector “SexyBeast“, documenting the misadventures of the cardboard troopers at Dragon*Con in downtown Atlanta, from sexy girls to maddening fights over our cardboard Dawn costume. The whole time he was shooting this video SexyBeast kept telling everyone “Hey, have fun!!”. Looking back at it, maybe we did. I especially like his choice of Human Highway’s song “All Day” playing in the background… and after reading the review of it over at SoundCheckMagazine.com I have to say that it *perfectly* fits the style of the troopers… especially the last word in the following quote from that review:

“All Day”, the album’s second track, dismantles the same sunny attitude that “The Sound” tries to establish. At first, Jimmy Buffett-esque lyrics backed by a strumming acoustic guitar and light percussion suggest the simple, trite pleasures of a lazy afternoon on the beach with your best girl: “All day, all day/Got no worries, let the days waste away/Let the sun soak through/And do what we want to do”. Unfortunately, there’s no best girl around, and spending a lazy afternoon on the beach with your slacker friends can be pretty fucking boring. At the end of the day, what has been accomplished? “So it’s through/It’s all over, and what did we do?/We walked around in a daze, looking for food”. “All Day” introduces Moody Motorcycle’s central motif: failure.

No best girls with us, only Fail.
Funny, funny, fail.

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