The Betrayal of Steve Sansweet

Today one of the people in my circle of friends became infamous for the systematic theft of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Star Wars collectibles. I cannot believe that it was his goal to become reviled by the fans of one of his most beloved fictional universes or to be publicly castigated on Twitter by the actor who played Luke Skywalker.

Steve Sansweet, who many of us early Star Wars fans looked up to for guidance when he began publishing an annual Star Wars collectibles price guide, confessed that his sense of trust had been badly damaged after discovering numerous thefts of rare items from his own collection.

I cannot imagine that this friend set out to betray the trust of everyone who thought they knew him, or to throw away the high-level connections he had earned for himself within LucasFilm. How might those PRICELESS connections have played out for him over the next 20 years?

An opportunity squandered.

At some point in our lives I believe that we will all experience betrayal in some fashion, whether in love or in business. I am most sorry for my friends who considered Carl a close friend, because they may never resolve the criminal from that friend.

I feel the worst for his children, who will surely not be able to believe that their dad is anything other than the hero all dads should be.

I do believe in redemption, but you have to earn redemption.

Good luck, Carl.

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