Hair and Makeup professionals Sarah Mays and Sue Ransom stand near camera on the set of Sweet Home Alabama, c. 2001

Sue Ransom was a Bad Ass

Tonight our friend Dawn Turner shared the sad news that our friend Ransom had lost her battle with cancer. Her first name was Susan, and I occasionally remember her being called Sue Ransom, but we only EVER called her “Ransom”.

She was cool as shit and we always got along really well. When we worked on an episodic back in the 1990s she and I would often tag up after lunch to talk, sitting in the dark on set before the crew came back in for the second half of the day.

I didn’t work in the makeup department, but on set she always laid down this mysterious AF aura, that seemed to say “You couldn’t handle what I do in my free time”. The phrase “bad ass” will always be the first adjective I use to describe Ransom.

One year, back when I was first becoming entangled with the strange carnie folk of the Renaissance Festival, I ran into Ransom and she was in some sort of maiden outfit and I will tell you right now that you would have sold your left ventricle to have seen her with her golden hair and that *amazing* outfit.

I learned that she was ill several months ago, but I couldn’t figure out a good route to paying a call on her, especially as she was in the midst of her fight. For those friends who knew Ransom better than me, you have my most heartfelt condolences. For those of you who never met her, I feel sorry for you.

Because she was a BAD ASS.

[Photo info: The photo of Ransom wearing a cowboy hat is from the set of Sweet Home Alabama, it’s a crop of a shot I took of Ransom and Sarah Mays.]

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  1. Was a friend since she first got in the biz. We worked together many, many times over the years and I’ll always miss her. And man, could She Dance.

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