Vintage Handmade EPCOT Box

Have you seen the incredible series on Disney Plus detailing the history of Disney’s theme parks? Highly recommended. When I finished watching the series I remembered a box that I made years ago after going to EPCOT with my family. You have to see this “vintage” handmade EPCOT box!

By the time I built this I had already corresponded with Disney several years prior, while doing a school report about EPCOT Center, and was increasingly certain that I was going to grow up to become an Imagineer (blissfully unaware that I would be temporarily waylaid by the film industry).

So excited was I by our family’s trip to EPCOT I came home and decided to create a miniature version of the park using spare bits and pieces from my arts and crafts projects. The result (as we now look at it) is hilariously horrid and wonderfully artsy.

Open position to reveal the theme park! This is a vintage handmade EPCOT box that I made all the way back in the early 1980s.

What you cannot really see from these photos is that I took fiber optic cables from a 70s novelty lamp and ran them below the model so that it lit up when the crude contacts on the rear hinges closed the circuit.

I took these photos on a camera back around 2008, hence the low quality. If anybody at Disney wants to acquire it I’m negotiable ;)

Uh oh, I wonder if I took the battery out??

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