Set Sketch : Vahe Manoukian

VaheThis set sketch is from the movie ‘Run Ronnie Run’, shot in the fall of 2000. I’m not positive where we were on that day and I’m too lazy to look it up in my locations notebook. When Producer Carl Mazzocone and Director Troy Miller returned to Atlanta with ‘Dumb & Dumberer’ in 2002 they brought back their favorite LA sound guys, Vahe and Stacy. Boom guys are almost always above average in height because it gives them an edge when working the mic above any surrounding equipment and/or crew members. Vahe’s solution to this problem was easy: stand on an applebox. If you ever see ‘Dumb & Dumber 2’ then you’ll see a flash of Vahe as a coach/trainer on the football team. You’ll also hear one of his band’s (NuTra) songs on the soundtrack. See kids, it pays to know the Director!

Set Sketch : Ziggy

This is Ziggy, one of our local electricians. Like the caption says, he was coiling a stinger when I sketched him in action. Notice that he is using the approved Finkelstein method, leaning and coiling the cable in a clockwise direction. You can always spot a new guy in the electric department because they’ll try to wrap bandit, 4/0, even stingers (!!) in a counter-clockwise direction. Chumps. I’m pretty happy with the way this sketch turned out because I captured all the classic Ziggy elements with a minimum amount of linework; the earwig, the toolbelt, the T-shirt and his attentiveness to what’s happening on-set. I enjoy going through these old sketches because they sometimes help me remember people better than a photograph.