HotRats 2006 Photos

Well Ain't That Tim Hagan?
In a perfect world, where I was fabulously (and inexplicably) rich, I would spend my days eating chocolate pop-tarts and blogging. Unfortunately, this incredible turn of luck has yet to happen, so I plug away at my web goals a tiny bit at a time. Today’s success is the release of photos from a 2006 reunion our college architecture class (that’s our pal Tim Hagan and his lovely wife in the photo shown above). This reunion was fun, and scary, and sad, and sad, and sad, and mostly sad. Fatter, older, slower, meaner…. oh how the HotRats have fallen…..

The Boswell Gallery Opens in Decatur

boswell gallery At the end of chores last Saturday I headed over to Decatur and sat down to interview artist Elliott Boswell about his latest endeavor, an art gallery fittingly named The Boswell Gallery’. The Boswell is currently featuring works by six different painters, one photographer and a wire sculptor. podcast
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