How to Use Facebook Friend Filters

The new Facebook interface is confusing to some users

The older we get, the more resistant to change we become, however the recent (March 2009) interface update to Facebook rattled a lot of my friends, old and young alike. Some love it, some hate it, all will have to get used to it until it changes again. So until the next change arrives, I’m posting some tips to help you guys understand how to better manage your Facebook experience. Let’s start by looking at Continue reading How to Use Facebook Friend Filters

Tiny Bubbles (In the Sink)

Today my Dad called me over to the kitchen sink to see a natural phenomenon that he just happened to spot out of the corner of his eye. A wet dish towel was draped over a coffee mug sitting in a shallow layer of water inside the sink and water was slowly (and steadily) dripping into the water. However, as the drops fell, they passed through a layer of soapy detergent bubbles. Immediately, seemingly simultaneously, a little bubble would rocket out and away from the drip area, propelled quickly over to a blue tupperware lid, which they would bounce off of, changing their vector and sending them gliding out into a “bay” where they would finally burst. It’s the little things that keep me happy.