National Tire & Battery (and Missing Lugnut)

National Tire & Battery (and Missing Lug)

I received Official notification this past Thursday that I had been selected as the new curator of the Michelin Museum of Motorized Metal Collecting. Unfortunately, this particular museum was located in the general vicinity of my very, very, very flat right rear tire. After a brief acceptance speech (which I dare not print here) and an (utterly futile) attempt to re-inflate the tire, I grabbed the jack from the trunk and proceeded to replace the flat tire with the tiny rubber toy which passes for a spare tire in 21st century America. While changing a tire in the busy parking lot of a popular gas station may sound like a hassle to some folks, it was in actuality incredibly convenient because I was able to place the flat tire in the back seat, directly on top of a flat tire from my second car… for you see, I was already on my way to my local National Tire & Battery (NTB) to replace a tire on that secondary car when I discovered that my primary car had pulled up lame. With this brand new flat my day just became twice as expensive! Little did I know that the ensuing trip to NTB would Continue reading National Tire & Battery (and Missing Lugnut)

Legendary Orange PEBL

Legendary Orange Motorola PEBLSeveral months ago I had a problem with my cellphone and had to jump through many hoops to get my problem resolved. Ultimately it was resolved to my satisfaction by a very nice representative of the company. However, so many of my friends enjoyed the letter to the company that I’ve decided to post it online for your amusement….

PLEASE help me,
I’m indescribably frustrated with your company at this moment.

Today I made a FOURTH attempt to obtain service from Motorola for a brand new cellular telephone that I purchased from your online store in April of this year. The phone is an orange PEBL and the problem is that the twin screens on the phone “die” on a daily basis forcing me to reboot the device. I understand that this is a typical issue with this device, however I did NOT know that the resolution of the problem would be so Continue reading Legendary Orange PEBL