Bowing Toward Buckhead

Well our part of shooting “Moved” for the 48 Hour Film Festival is over. It’s all up to the editors now. Here’s a letter that I sent out to the team:

So, like, my legs are REALLY stiff today. I’m not exactly sure if there’s a name for what Jerry D’Alesio, Dan Foster and I did with the knives for the FX shot at the Viking store, but there certainly OUGHT to be a name for taking a knife off a display, dropping to your knees, prostrating yourself toward Buckhead for a five count then jumping up to do it over again…and again and again and how many damned knives were there anyway??

Being an enormous fan of adhesives I have to admit that taping everything up (and down) at Richard Sampson’s house was a treat. I’m certain that there must be a few things still taped in out of the way places around there…hey Richard, just be careful when you flush your commode, m’kay?

Working strictly on features and TV movies spoils you more than a little. At one point around 3am I began trying to figure out how much my paycheck was going to add up to since we were *clearly* into double golden bozo time. Then I remembered we were working for free. That crushing realization, and a subsequent crying jag, were neatly averted by my gleeful discovery of a tasty candy bar on the craft service table.

DON’T let my Hollywood producers know that I’m such a cheap date.

I’d say that the biggest thing that I’ve taken away from playing with all of you on this project is the realization that getting my own stuff made is entirely possible. Some of you know that I have a screenplay called “Love & The Dragon” in the Southeastern Media competition at the Atlanta Film Festival and that I hope to have it shot here in Atlanta within the year, regardless of the results of that competition. Seeing the energy and resources that you were able to muster was inspirational to this jaded crewmember and I’ll take that energy with me when Dragon fires up.

I’ll also remember to lace crafty with high-sugar goodies ;)

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