My Collection and the Tate Gallery

The first week of August I received an email from the Tate Gallery in London, interested in an image of a Rem Koolhaas poster that I have posted on my website. They were publishing an article about Koolhaas and wanted to use the image in their magazine. I sent them a high resolution scan of the poster ASAP and about ten days ago I received a copy of the magazine in the post. If you’re sufficiently snooty enough to have a subscription to Tate Etc. the article begins on page 78.

The article, with images, is on the Tate Gallery online.
Rem Koolhaas Poster
And yes, seeing the photo’s attribution as being from “The Andrew Seward Duncan collection” does make me chuckle a bit because what you can’t see is that the poster has a myriad of slices in it from a brief (but glorious) “Lord of the Flies” episode wherein a bunch of us guys in our architecture class took up the art of blowgun marksmanship. One four foot length of copper pipe, a dowel, a #11 X-Acto blade and some toilet paper wadding is all you need to become a seriously dangerous practitioner of architecture. I could nail Rem Koolhaas’ nose from 25 feet away and, despite Erica Hornung’s dire predictions that we would “poke somebody’s eye out”, we have all gone on to becoming well-adjusted members of society.

Except for Erica, she moved to Los Angeles ;)

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