Preparing for 2005 Legislative Session

Well you can tell that it’s been over a year between updates. Here’s where we are: In the Spring of this year (2004) I was persuaded by the representatives of the Film Industry advocacy group EDGE to delay my pursuit of making this an offical tag until the 2004-2005 legislative cycle; there were other bills afoot for the film industry and they did not want any legislators to become confused about these proposals.

I was a team player and ceased production of the tags until the tax incentive legislation passed… which did not happen. However, Governor Sonny Perdue noted the intense interest in this industry movement and appointed a diverse group of analysts and industry experts to study this issue in depth. There is hope that the legislature will see movement in the approaching legislative session, which bodes well for my license plate design. This fall, during the filming of the HBO production “Warm Springs”, I experienced a phenomenal number of sales of the license plates to the film crew and am once again pursuing a legislator to support this license plate design. I feel that the tag will present a visible “face” to the important film incentive bill(s) slated to be addressed in this session. I am planning to halt sales of these prototype plates shortly, turning my attention toward generating a final batch of plates to give to legislators for their inspection and consideration during the presentation of the film tag bill. The cost of producing those plates will almost be paid for by the sales of the prototype plates to all of our early supporters in the Georgia film industry… it was never my intention to turn this into a business ;)

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