Two Routes to Real Tags

Yet another update. Back in July of 2003 license plate collector Brad Gallagher provided me with an explanation of the way that Georgia’s specialty plates are brought to life… there are TWO (2) ways. The FIRST METHOD is that an application is presented to the DMV and 1,000 people pre-register for the plates BEFORE July 31st.

If both of those things happen then the license plates will go into production in January of the following year. The SECOND METHOD is that legislation is passed through the House and the Senate, with proceeds from the tags going to a stated cause. This is currently the course of action I want to pursue. Making this license plate a high-visibility item would, in my opinion, lend momentum to a tax incentive measure and the resultant press from the latter would help advertise the license plate pre-order to a wider audience. Win, win.

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