I went into Tower with the notion that I needed some new music, armed only with rough dimensions of the sound I needed. Of course, as always, within the first ten seconds in the store the music they were playing sent my thoughts slamming into the far wall, breaking into a million pieces.

So I wandered around, trying not to look like a shoplifter – ’cause I’m not a shoplifter, but it’s something that I’ve worried about since I was about 13 because there’s never been any good come of even slightly resembling a shoplifter. I’m sure that little slice of paranoia is the result of something I saw in an ABC After School Special.

Boom. Back in the CD singles section I picked up the scent. Keane. I’d been meaning to get the album with “Somewhere Only We Know” on it. The single would probably suffice, only, they didn’t have it. They -did- have the single for “This is the last time”, which I picked up (and held in such a manner that even an casual observer might remark, “Well, look at that guy. He is obviously going to purchase that compact disc and does not at all appear to be a shoplifter.”)

I am such an idiot.

The single? Is awesome. I’m glad that I accepted the substitute. The third song (of three), “Allemande”, is exceptional. The lyrics, the arrangement, the vocals are very evocative of something special, something that’s gone missing; not sure what it is, but whatever it is, dude lost it – check out a few lyrics:

Allemande, where have you gone?
Did I know anything about you?
Many moons have come and gone
They wane so easily without you

All along I said we’d be sorry
Sorry, and so we are
But ain’t that the way that
The way that the wind blows
And ain’t that the way that
The way that the wind blows
And ain’t that the way that
The way that the wind blows you home?
Sorry, sorry, and so we are

I did some checking on the internet and it turns out that this CD is a limited release, probably numbering 4,000 or less. The songwriter was allegedly inspired by some sheet music on his family’s piano with the word ‘Allemande’ written at the top. The Wikipedia says that the Allemande was a dance that originated in the 16th century and evolved its way into the 18th century.

I like the song better with the idea that Allemande is a girl. Or maybe a lost dog. Or perhaps a kite? Maybe a model rocket.

No….no, it’s a girl. Definitely a girl.

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