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I’ve been delaying the official rollout of this new website until my new drewprops.com T-shirts were finished being screen printed. Last week I picked up the shirts from Larry West Signs up in Roswell and am almost ready to begin selling them from the website.

I had Larry to make me some yellow, pink and blue shirts in addition to the standard black and white variety. Surprisingly, the pink shirts have been the most popular and are almost already gone. I’ll probably have more of those made and might venture into something a little more unusual in future orders. If you have a requested color/size/style drop me a line.

I’d really love to get photos of you folks wearing your shirts around your home town, in cities around the world, at work, at play and (for the people in the film business) from the sets of your current projects. As soon as I receive a couple of photos I’ll add an album to the photo gallery devoted to your T-shirt photos. Who knows, I might even make you one of my T-shirt models!

For a very limited time I’ll be selling these shirts for just $10 (shipping not included). I have yet to add these shirts to my shop area and may not get around to it until the end of May, so unless I personally know you please wait until the shop is updated. Everyone else, you know how to reach me.

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  1. Hi, I have been working on the set of we are marshall and I was wondering when I could get another shirt and where you will be selling them

  2. Thanks for asking Kyle. I’ve been tied up with several other personal projects and haven’t had time to make a new batch of Drewprops T-shirts so they probably won’t be ready this time around. I *have* been working on something else for the crew of that particular production though… more on that next week ;)

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