Revenge of the Star Wars Geeks

If you were too cool to get in line for the 12:01am showing of Star Wars III : The Revenge of the Sith, I’ve brought a little of the action home for you to see and hear.

I’d like to give a great big Thank You!! to writer/knitter Tracy Wilson without whom I’d have been consigned to seeing this movie in the back row of a backwater theater on the unfashionable outskirts of town with a bunch of pistol-packing gangstas.

darthThis interview was made using a handheld microcassette recorder, so don’t go banging your speakers.. this is low-fi all the way. Be sure to check out the interview I scored with as-yet-undiscovered-for-the-bigtime Hip Hopsta, N-Sight ( His excitement accurately captured the mood of the crowds leaving the theater in the 2am hour.

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