An Interview with Geoffrey Brown

geoffrey brown This past weekend I interviewed Atlanta performer Geoffrey Brown to discuss his upcoming album ‘You Can’t Have the Monkey’, his recent stage play “Vernacular Spectacular” and his affinity for the works of Emily Bronte.
Take a listen to the interview.

I met Geoffrey through his wife Fiona Leonard Brown and later cast him in a live reading of one of my screenplays (the finished one) at the 2004 Atlanta Film Festival’s Southeastern Media Award competition which was right smart because Geoffrey and Fiona belong to the Atlanta Radio Theater Company, an award-winning Atlanta-based organization devoted to the dramatic performance of old-time radio style plays.

Most Tuesdays you’ll find Geoffrey hosting the Open Mic Night at the Northern Star Coffee House in Norcross, Georgia, where you may hear him perform his Hit Song ‘Bea Arthur’ [Click Here].

To find out more about the song ‘Bea Arthur’ and his current projects┬ávisit his website:

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