Athlete : Wires

Since I’ve had XM radio I have found a handful of bands that electrify me the first time that I hear them. From Snow Patrol to Air to Keane, the latest, most incredible pop hits me enough to keep my inspiration clock ticking. The latest band on the scene is Athlete, who I heard a month or so back. Tonight I was listening to Geoffrey Brown’s song “Bea Arthur” in iTunes and saw a link for downloading Athlete’s latest hit “Wires” for FREE. Go check it out for yourselves to see if it’s still up there for download because it’s a great song; atmospheric with a hip, measured pace, the lyrics trip down corridors through automatic doors… got to get to you, got to see this through. Wait, those are lyrics. Download the song, buy the album. The band is Athlete, the song is Wires. Listen to ‘Wires’ in iTunes now

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