Dakota Blue : Wine Tuesdays

Tucked away inside of the historic Grant Park neighborhood less than a mile from the Georgia State Capital, Dakota Blue is a restaurant that would seem forever destined to remain below the radar of mainstream Atlanta diners. From the quiet, tree-lined streets to the recurring hopscotch etchings left on the sidewalk by neighborhood children, the word ‘charm’ isn’t far from mind when you start looking for descriptions for this small burrito bar. July marks the beginning of something new for Dakota Blue: Second Tuesday Wine Tastings.

On the second Tuesday of every month owner Alan Conner and his lovely wine shopper (whose name has embarrassingly eluded me) deliver five or six courses of wine to your table with a bit of guidance about each wine from their point of view and from the opinions of their guests. Beginning with chilled whites and moving into robust reds, wine lovers will enjoy the novelty of the event in a relaxed neighborhood setting.

As evening descended a pack of inline skaters whizzed past our sidewalk table and hurricane-fueled mosquitos came out to dine. If you enjoy a nice glass of wine plan on attending Dakota Blue’s August event; just be sure to bring some bug spray and don’t be shy about calling your waiter over to your table should he go missing for more than nine or ten minutes.

Dakota Blue
454 Cherokee Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30312
(404) 589-8002

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