Robocop 3 Revisted

This past weekend I was flipping channels and was surprised to see the final epic 15 minutes of the 1991 film “Robocop 3”, which was the first movie I ever worked on as a crewmember (beginning as an intern then later as third props, after my friend Dwight went to a different movie). Over the last couple of years I’ve slowly realized that this D-grade movie was stock full of actors that are now among my absolute favorites, including Rip Torn (Larry Sanders Show) and Stephen Root (NewsRadio). I don’t think that I’ve seen Robocop 3 since it came out at the theater so it was with great interest that I watched the sad little finale battle scene staged along Peters Street, just a few blocks south of the Georgia Dome (it was shot before the Georgia Dome was ever even designed). As I watched the action unfold the lead actress struck me as being really, really familiar as if I’d seen her in something that was currently on television. Jumping over onto IMdB I was dumbstruck to find out that the actress in question (Jill Hennessy) plays Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh on the hit NBC series “Crossing Jordan”. Just one more name for me to add to my list of cool people who worked on Robo 3.

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