Heinous Bienfang

heinous album Your Pal Drew scored the “iPodCast” of the season when indie-scene rocker Heinous Bienfang agreed to an audience at the Krispy Kreme on Ponce de Leon just one week before his band’s much anticipated re-appearance at a farewell concert for the Black Box Rehearsal Spaces (154 Krog Street) just south of Little Five Points. Tune in as we discuss Krispy Kreme, Mickey’s Big Mouths, Krystal’s, fish and pigs blood. Special guest appearance by M.C. Negativity.

Those in tune with the local music scene know that Heinous Bienfang concerts are equal parts rock, theater and Gallagher-esque food fights.

At one memorable concert, Heinous actually passed out drunk onstage during the band’s finale. Fittingly(?) one of his band-mates produced a large fish (possibly a mackeral) from a cooler, and tossed it to the frenzied crowd. Within moments Heinous fans had torn the fish to bits and a fish fight of the most terrible sort ensued. Dottie’s never smelled good after that.

Come to think of it, Dottie’s never smelled good before that.

At another oft-cited performance a shirtless Heinous plunged his head into a 50 gallon drum of fake motor oil left over from a David Cross movie (‘Run Ronnie Run’) but didn’t come up for air on his second plunge. Fans eventually rushed to his aid, tipping the oil drum over far enough that the stage area was filled with the slippery goo. A particularly confused fan thought that dragging Heinous’ lifeless form around in the mess might be helpful, except that he pulled the rocker’s pants off in the process.

Whether you’re a fan of college rock or just need a chance to see beyond your limits, don’t miss a chance to see Heinous Bienfang in action. Just be sure to wear old clothes.

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