PiratePalooza 2005 Recap

Well PiratePalooza 2005 is over. Technically, it was over early Sunday morning but I’ve been so slammed at the office that I’m only getting around to writing about this latest project of mine. To everyone who made it out to play in Decatur, THANK YOU for your participation – wasn’t it awesome? To those of you who didn’t make it read on and find out what you missed!

In case you didn’t follow the link, PiratePalooza was a pub crawl through Decatur, a city just a few miles east of downtown Atlanta. It’s something I’d dreamed about doing for awhile and it was very rewarding to see it actually take place and to see so many people having a lot of fun.

What’s cool is that people will remember the first one with affection because it had never been done and they were there. And boy were they there!

The crawl began at Eddie’s Attic around 4pm when a popular 14th century boy band called The Lost Boys performed after a welcoming speech by Captain Mal Feasance (aka, Geoffrey Brown, one of my co-planners). At Eddie’s there were easily twenty or thirty people dressed as pirates.

Later in the evening people moved over to The Brick Store’s upstairs bar named “The Belgian Bar”, where there was much garrrr-ing and arrrrrrrrgh-ing. The costumes some of the attendees had were fantastic. I was easily among the worst-dressed pirates there.

By the time things moved down to the third and final pub the crowd had swelled to a great size and we partied past midnight out on the patio of The Angel. We had so many people at The Angel that the staff couldn’t keep up! Someone came up to me at one point in the evening and said that he’d counted well over 100 people – it was awesome! Me? I was stuck behind a box selling T-shirts. (By the by, any money that I make beyond the production costs of the shirts are going to a Katrina fund at my church.)

So a lot of people believe that we’re going to be doing this again next year and at this point I don’t think I could stop them if I wanted to…. so, like, party next fall you guys~!

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