Mister Popularity

Well the new site has been up two weeks and seems to be chugging along nicely though I need for Mr. Google to come crawl the new site and suspect that a ton of old linkers are getting to the 404 page. A day or so ago I added a new WordPress plugin called Popularity Contest that shows the 10 most often viewed posts in the sidebar. Today I noticed that the posts from the front page were the only ones showing up in that list so I looked at the settings and spotted the problem. Popularity Contest “weighs” the places where each post is viewed, from full article listings to partial listings on the front page and in archive and category listings. I have set the plugin to stop counting views from the homepage, the archive pages or the category pages. From now on the list should more accurately track the articles that people are actually reading – I look forward to seeing which posts matter! (if any)

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