State Or The Art

State Or The Art sign
I love entrepreneurs, really I do. I find that they’re composed of equal parts boundless energy, raving manifestos, wild promises and confusing double-talk that they themselves cannot fully rationalize if given a dozen whiteboards and a tub full of dry-erase markers. I mean, have you ever watched the “You’re Fired” show with Donald Trump? Those people are crackers. The thing that I love most about entrepreneurs is that they stereotypically have more bad taste than marketing savvy. Case in point, a homemade sign that my Dad spotted while we were out around the city on Father’s Day (he snapped the photo that accompanies this article).

The sign appears to read State Or The Art Recording “Studio”, yes there are quotation marks around the word studio. Mounted on the very best posterboard that one might rustle up at the corner market and principally illuminated in black marker, except for the quoted “studio” which is shown in red (I suppose the color change and the quotation marks were intended in some way to highlight this businessperson’s level of professionalism).

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