30 Rock

I wasn’t sure last week, figured it could be a fluke. It isn’t. Tonight’s episode was confirmation enough for me. 30 Rock is, without a doubt, the breakout sitcom of NBC’s 2006’s Fall lineup.

While Tina Fey annoyed me with her cooler-than-thou newscasts on Saturday Night Live (Dennis they’re still gunning for your legend), she is fantastic as the hapless creator/producer of a network sketch comedy show put at the mercy of Alec Baldwin’s gonzo stove-championing, shit-stirring network executive.

Not since Stephen Root as Jimmy James on NBC’s classic series ‘NewsRadio’ has there been a boss as zany as Baldwin (say, didn’t he move to France or something?)… and like ‘NewsRadio’ the cast is exhibiting the kind of ensemble chemistry that makes for Great Television.

Tracy Morgan is funnier here than all his years on SNL rolled together, scenery-eating is fun to watch. Jane Krakowski, as the original star of the fictional show, looked familiar to me so I Googled her up and sure enough, someone tried to introduce us when I went to visit Evan and Pam on stage at Ally McBeal. If the writers can keep this one spinning I will be looking for the DVD of this series next before its second season cranks up. (Oh yeah, good job writers!)

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  1. Spot on with the NewsRadio comparison, especially with regards to Root & Baldwin.
    I will take issue with the Dennis Miller claim to being the best SNL newscaster, I really feel that honor belongs to Norm McDonald, who was deliciously cruel, especially if it offended (then head of NBC) Roone Arledge. Second place belongs to Fey/Poehler, and I would put Miller in third. If I held in account his recent behavior I would drop him to last, so I’m giving him a break.
    Gizzazah Duznoofus!

  2. Norm!! How could I forget Norm? (who coincidentally falls within the circle of ‘NewsRadio’, as Jimmy James’ lawyer Roger). But you are illsnidiotic if you think that Fey/Poehler can even TOUCH Dennis! Sure, they display a certain level of adequacity, but Dennis remains my fave. Oh wait a minute, weren’t there some people before him?? ;)

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