One Sweet Bottle

(Note: If you’ve missed them, my pictures from Sweet Home Alabama are in my photo gallery and I’ll probably be uploading them to Flickr soon.) One of the bottles that Josh Lucas dropped off the watertower didn’t break. Honest to gosh, hand to heaven, it didn’t break. He dropped the darned thing, it fell sixty feet (maybe more?) to the ground and stuck in the mud, intact. What’s so remarkable about that?” you may ask. Well, for one thing, the bottle was candy glass, from Alfonso’s Breakaway Glass. It’s made to break.

I still have that thing, Dwight let me keep it… maybe I’ll sell it on eBay one day! They’re running the movie on ABC right now and I need to know, did they edit Reese’s slap out of the pet cemetary scene? I didn’t see it… and according to George Lee the first time we shot that scene Reese slapped Josh 20 or 30 or a million times, he lost count.

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