Robocop the Cosmonaut

This afternoon I began porting old video from a cache of VHS-C tapes sequestered deep in the bowels of the Drewcave. One of the first tapes I wanted to “take digital” was footage we captured from the 1991 production of the movie “Robocop 3”, a lackluster sequel to the original blockbuster. This footage is from actor Robert Burke being sealed into the RoboSuit by the RoboTeam.

Robert’s imitation of a Russian Cosmonaut (or a company exec from Destructotech Ltd) is particularly funny, and don’t miss 1st AD Tommy Archuletta getting in his joke in the background. Fans of Robocop should really enjoy seeing this part of the process, and I fully expect the RoboMad Frenchman who runs the “Robocop Museum” to go ga-ga over this footage…. but you know what? I have more footage to pull, so stay tuned!

(Note: I am aware that there are some frames which didn’t render correctly in the transfer, I hope to sort out that problem before uploading subsequent clips from this camcorder footage. Thanks!)

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