Google Asks “What Do You Love?”

A few days ago I wandered over to Google+ to see who in the heck was still posting there, when to my great surprise I encountered a shiny new Google tool (which has apparently been around since this past July). It’s called “What Do You Love” and it has its very own domain ( This special new website asks you to tell it what you “love” and in return it fetches everything that it can find about that topic (let’s call that variable “X”) from Google’s search engines.

Instead of throwing a long list of hyperlinks about “X” at you like Google typically does, groups the data into clumps according to data type, putting each data type into a friendly little white box with titles like “Find X Nearby” (using Google Maps), and “Watch Videos of X” (on YouTube), and “Explore X in 3D” (in SketchUp, from the Google 3D Warehouse).

As you can see, Google isn’t just returning search results for occurences of “X” online, it’s also showing you where you can find “X” on its own various sites, which is actually very convenient if you use Google much because they have their fingers in so many pies. Speaking of pies, it’s a lot of fun to search for naughty words on just to see what happens! What you can’t tell from the search results shown in the screenshot from this article is that my original search term wasn’t “kitten”. It seems that the Google programmers behind have a sense of humor and a passing awareness of popular Internet memes.

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