2018 Georgia Film Day Call for Submissions

Thanks everyone! The video is complete and should run on Tuesday the 27th at the Georgia State Capitol and on the internet soon afterward. With this effort completed I have removed the upload link. We couldn’t have done this without contributions from the local community and I wanted to say thanks to those who had time to help out. The final cut is tight and is weighted toward clips with good lighting and clear audio. All the clips in the final were further trimmed so we could show a lot in a short amount of time. What I’m saying is: you may not be in the final – but you will likely be shared with the Governor and legislature soon after.

I am handing everything off to the folks at the film commission and returning to my other projects. Leaving the text from this effort below, for posterity – will link to the final product when it goes live.

– – –

If you or your business has benefitted from the influx of television and film work in Georgia I’d love to include you in a video for Georgia Film Day!

On the morning of February 27th the motion picture and television industry will gather at the state capitol to thank Governor Nathan Deal and the Georgia State General Assembly for growing Georgia into a production powerhouse and helping thousands of Georgians along the way.

Like last year, I am producing a simple video which will include Georgia film crews expressing their appreciation for our lawmakers’ continuing support of the Georgia Film Tax Credit – to let them see how their work is improving the lives of families around the state.

Sending me your video is really easy!

Step One: Shoot

Pull out your phone and record a brief “thank you” to Governor Deal and the Georgia General Assembly for their support of our industry (this is the Governor’s final year in office). Feel free to describe the impact the state’s support of our industry has had for you and your family, from buying a home to starting a business.


  • no more than 20 seconds long
  • shoot it sideways – no vertical video!
  • let the camera run 2 seconds before you begin speaking and 2 seconds after you finish
  • say who you are and what you do for a living
  • are you a business? Try to put your logo in the background!
  • shoot in well lit area
  • speak loudly and clearly


Please use good judgement! Avoid submitting videos that include sets or anything related to the production you are working on because many productions will terminate your employment for using your camera while at work. The inside of a working truck might be okay but if you’re not sure talk to your producer or wait until you’re away from production.


Step Two: Upload

Use the simple uploader form (below) to upload your video file (it works for both desktop and mobile devices).

NOTE that if you are on a phone you can’t drag & drop so just click the word “browse” and it will allow you to pick a video from your phone’s photo/video library.

If there are several people in your video please provide their names in the “description” area provided in the upload form.

Since I am making this video available to the Film Office, and both they and local unions and other businesses may share this video once it’s finished, you need to be aware that you won’t be paid for this, like EVER. You should do it because you have been materially helped by the efforts of Georgia’s government leaders and are motivated to express your thanks for their continuing support of the industry. By uploading a video you are giving your approval to feature your likeness and the likeness of the people in your video to the known universe, including any number of websites, social media channels, and other outlets which may share the video, including means of sharing that have not yet been invented.

With the understanding that your face could potentially end up on a box of breakfast cereal in China, please upload your video below!


Note: I cannot guarantee that your contribution will make the cut. It all depends on the quantity and the quality of the submissions we receive.

Thanks for being a part of this!

4 Comments on “2018 Georgia Film Day Call for Submissions”

  1. I’m thankful for the film industry because I’m looking forward to dying at a young age because as we all know this industry kills.

  2. Hey

    I am working with my students at the Georgia Film Academy to get them to upload some videos this weekend I did a big out reach but only got one response earlier. The film commission has asked that we do a broader repeat reach to our diverse student body. Is Monday to late for these?

    1. Hi Kate! Yes, the video will be locked by then. Thanks for working on this though! Perhaps they’ll be able to continue to do something more later? Let’s see.

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