The Incredibles

[rate 3]
It’s not as rompy as Monsters Inc.
And it’s not as funny as Finding Nemo.
It didn’t make your heart ache like Toy Story 2.
And it wasn’t as epic as Bug’s Life.

I can only give The Incredibles three out of five capes…. here’s why:
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[rate 1.5]

I’m giving this stinker one and a half out of five clonks to the head.

Sure, the comic book character looks awesome; all the elements are there. The huge lantern jaw, strong as a tank, a nice bright color, a tail and a big old smashing fist. Better yet, he’s a guy’s guy…a regular joe with a heart of gold. He drinks beer, he saves kittens, he even writes love letters to the girl he loves…never managing to actually send them to her. He loves his “Dad” and keeps his horns neatly ground down.
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The Village

[rate 3]
Thanks to Assistant Manager Carson Kennedy I lucked into a technical screening of M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Village” tonight at around 12:30am (hmmm, that makes it Friday morning) AFTER seeing the very last Atlanta screening of the original Japanese language version of “Godzilla” at the Landmark Cinemas over on Monroe.

I’m giving it three and a half red-cloaked scary things out of five.
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Spider-Man 2

[rate 4.5]
Yes, it’s after 3am and I’m posting a film review….
I decided to go see this second episode in the wallcrawler series at the last minute and was fortunate enough to tag along with some friends who had a larger group meeting them at the theater. To kill the time during the pre-show they had brought along a travel version of Scrabble. Ingenious.
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The Core

[rate 2]
I didn’t really want to see this movie because I knew that the magic movie science was going to annoy me; the Earth’s core has stopped rotating, it’s “engine has stalled”. Things are going haywire around the world: people with pacemakers are dying from electromagnetic pulses, pigeons are freaking out and flying into doubledecker buses in London, Space Shuttles aren’t coming down where they’re supposed to (what bad timing for life to imitate art) and the Northern Lights are headed south for vacation.
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