My Heart Will Go Metallica

I’m a huge Tongo Hiti nerd and can’t wait to stop typing this entry and drive down to the Atlanta Trader Vic’s to see them perform live and in person…. the video posted here is from last Thursday night and it’s *amazing*….. I’ve personally watched this thing 40 times and I’m sure I’ll watch it 40 more…. totally mesmerizing…. your journey begins with the powerful beauty of Celine Dion and ends in dark majesty. Sit back and enjoy Tongo Hiti at the Atlanta Trader Vic’s as they weave the most magical performance ever seen on YouTube at this particular time of the day (or night)….

Steppin’ Out with Tongo Hiti

Last Thursday I met up with some people at Trader Vic’s for Mai Tai Thursday and a dosh of the ultra-hawaiian courtesy of Tongo Hiti. This time around I shot a bunch of great videos, including this mellow island version of Joe Jackson’s hit “Steppin’ Out”. Enjoy!

Spring Training 2009 : Braves vs Phillies

With the 2009 baseball season officially underway those lazy days of spring training are already fading into fuzzy memories, so let’s take a moment to look back at a great trip down to see the Braves play the Phillies at Disney’s Wonderful World of Sports.

Robocop the Cosmonaut

This afternoon I began porting old video from a cache of VHS-C tapes sequestered deep in the bowels of the Drewcave. One of the first tapes I wanted to “take digital” was footage we captured from the 1991 production of the movie “Robocop 3”, a lackluster sequel to the original blockbuster. This footage is from actor Robert Burke being sealed into the Continue reading Robocop the Cosmonaut

Cardboard Dawn

So, like, last year we (the cardboard troopers) discussed something “new” (and socially disruptive) that we could do at Dragon*Con. The activity that rose to the top of our pile at this year’s Dragon*Don was to crash the Dawn Look-a-like competition, a costume contest devoted to one comic book entitled “Dawn”… a dramatic series about a “goddess” who dresses in lace and armor, which we all know to be important elements in any elemental struggle between good and sexy. Always a T&A show, the Dawn competition is the brainchild of a fellow named Joseph Michael Linsner, and was rife for a raid by those merry pranksters of merriment, whose only goal at Dragon*Con is to make people smile and remember that the weekend is supposed to be about genuine fun. While Dawn may come in every shape and color, we knew that our Dawn would be BIG, BOXY and far too unwieldy to manage lingerie… chiefly, that cardboard trooper known as “Gallo Whirlpool”… with big pink balloons taped onto his chestplate… but then, I explain too much… take a look at the video!!

HotRats 2006 Photos

Well Ain't That Tim Hagan?
In a perfect world, where I was fabulously (and inexplicably) rich, I would spend my days eating chocolate pop-tarts and blogging. Unfortunately, this incredible turn of luck has yet to happen, so I plug away at my web goals a tiny bit at a time. Today’s success is the release of photos from a 2006 reunion our college architecture class (that’s our pal Tim Hagan and his lovely wife in the photo shown above). This reunion was fun, and scary, and sad, and sad, and sad, and mostly sad. Fatter, older, slower, meaner…. oh how the HotRats have fallen…..

Trailer Trashed Book Reception

Grant Henry is Trashed at the Hollis Gillespie Book PremiereHollis, I am so sorry…. I didn’t buy a copy of your book “Trailer Trashed” this past Tuesday at your big premiere at Paris on Ponce. When I texted you earlier in the day to ask if you needed help at the event I never believed that you’d actually need it, but I was only too glad to help out. Now you need to know that by the time I got there, Shane and Grant and Lary and your other friends had already dressed the outside of the building and organized the inside… I mean, it seemed like everything was practically done already. But, at some point I realized that I wasn’t dressed thematically enough for the occasion… I mean!! I was wearing a PiratePaloozaâ„¢ T-shirt and jeans; arguably an appropriate trailer park outfit, but not as instantly recognizable as the mechanic shirts and wifebeat Continue reading Trailer Trashed Book Reception

Chipper Jones’ 400th Career Homerun

Thanks to my friends Chele and Kevin “Captain Danger” Snow, I was witness to Chipper Jones’ 400th career homerun this past Thursday night at Turner Field, near downtown Atlanta. The sad part is, I didn’t realize that Chipper was up for his 400th HR, so I didn’t get my camera out until he was around 3rd base, headed for home.

And while it has nothing to do with this post, I’d like to remind you that today marks the anniversary of D-Day.

Tornado Damage to GWCC!

On our way to the hockey game on Tuesday evening we passed by the Georgia World Congress Center, which was hammered by the tornado that plowed through downtown back in March. Looking like the sort of modern architecture rarely executed in Atlanta, this video shows how the west wall of the building is virtually sheathed in a layer of plywood. Counting the filled-in panes it looks like there could easily be more than 500 pieces of glass to be replaced on just the west side of this, Atlanta’s largest convention center. Near the end of the video you can see some of the damage to the towers downtown. Amazing!

Update: For those who might be worried, I was a backseat passenger when I shot this video.

Have You Met the Enemy?

Are you worried about the Writer’s strike? Not me, buddy… I’ve got my mailbox.

You know, that dumpy 40 year-old black metal box at the end of the driveway? Mailbox? The thing into which my Federally-sanctioned mail carrier typically inserts the mail I love (paychecks, magazines and the occasionally mis-delivered Frederick’s of Hollywood catalog) and mail I do not love (bills, bills and bills). But lately, our mail carrier (let’s use a little creative license here and call her “Betsy”)…. Betsy has started bringing me the most unusual mail for the past week or so and I must confess that I’ve become quite hooked.

Of course, for you folks who don’t enjoy episodic serials like “LOST“, and may think that J.J. Abrams is a local DDS, this may be a concept that’s Continue reading Have You Met the Enemy?