Clowning Around in the Gym

Kramer Gets Cornered by Crazy Joe Davolo

Tonight was my first time back in the gym after 16 months away and I’m embarrassed to say that I lasted all of 10 minutes on the new elliptical machines.

Seriously, it was pathetic. I’m so completely out of shape that my legs were nearly turned to jelly after my dismount, which surprised the heck out of me because when I stopped working out back in the Fall of 2008 I could have gone 45 minutes or longer Continue reading Clowning Around in the Gym

HotRats 2006 Photos

Well Ain't That Tim Hagan?
In a perfect world, where I was fabulously (and inexplicably) rich, I would spend my days eating chocolate pop-tarts and blogging. Unfortunately, this incredible turn of luck has yet to happen, so I plug away at my web goals a tiny bit at a time. Today’s success is the release of photos from a 2006 reunion our college architecture class (that’s our pal Tim Hagan and his lovely wife in the photo shown above). This reunion was fun, and scary, and sad, and sad, and sad, and mostly sad. Fatter, older, slower, meaner…. oh how the HotRats have fallen…..

HotRats Reunion

Troubadour Greg Halsall
Next weekend will mark the 15th Anniversary of the Georgia Institute of Technology’s School of Architecture Undergraduate Class of 1991, better known to you and me as The HotRats. HotRats from across the United States will be flying into Atlanta to meet over the course of the weekend. In honor of this event HotRat Emeritus Channing McCleod has gifted us with images from his personal library of very early photographs of the class. Photos after the break!
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